Southbourne Creative Hub is a not-for-profit organisation, set up by and for the local community to champion creativity. Through our network we hope to draw creativity into one accessible space, providing a venue in which to host all sorts of activities, charity events, and special projects.


Here’s how it came about…
On the evening of Friday 16th September 2011, Hub Director Cathy Jones asked the Mayor of Bournemouth to cut the ribbon and announce the grand opening of The Southbourne Creative Hub. With an evening of music and dance demonstrations, mixed with plenty of laughter and spontaneous creativity, it was a taste of what the Hub has in store for Southbourne.  See the video on our gallery page.


The idea for the Hub has grown from tiny seeds. Chats over coffee about what if..? Wishes that it was easier to connect with others who want to collaborate creatively; the desire to promote local artisans against the cloned and anonymous; the enthusiasm to find out more about the extraordinary history of Southbourne and its precious natural environment; and above all, a driving ambition to get together to celebrate all things creative and to simply get things done.

When our landlords, Bournemouth Beaches Ltd, provided us with the perfect venue at a peppercorn rate, it appeared that the ‘what ifs’ were turning into a reality. We now had a space in which to house information and resources for community projects; host professional development and creative activities; and hold rehearsals, classes, workshops, and fundraising events.

But a venue is just an empty shell without the effort and enthusiasm of others. It was soon clear that the Hub was exactly what the community had been waiting for; a flood of unwavering support from local people saw the rapid development from an empty, run-down building site into a bright, welcoming and inspirational space.


As well as the broad range of regular activities, we host occasional events such as coffee morning talks, book launches, a family friendly cabaret and social gatherings.  We have been helped along the way so far by small grants from Bournemouth Council’s Economic Regeneration Department, The Green Goals Partnership, The Richmond Fellowship and The Phone Co-Op which have given us the fuel to realise our vision and develop a spectacular place that The Hub can call home.